FONU takes the lead at Middle and Senior School Cross Country

College Thursday, 20 Apr 2023

What a great day our Middle and Senior School students had at their annual Cross Country Carnival. 

Demonstrating grit and determination - our students were impressive across their age categories and Ethan Terry (boys) and Rylee Lavaring (girls) took the championship in the open category. 

Also impressive was the level of participation in the non-competitive events, with many students pushing outside their comfort zone to complete the course. 

A new tradition at Middle and Senior School Cross Country day is the Karaoke competition that follows, will all students taking the stage to sing their heart out for additional team spirit points. This is a great way to have all students participate enthusiastically in the day. 

BCC Sports Director Mr Bruce Garvie said it was wonderful to see so many students and teachers have fun engaging outside the classroom, and to see the rapport our teachers and staff have with students.  

“Seeing staff run with the student and then others walk the loop with students and encourage them to complete the event was amazing,” Mr Garvie said. 

“It was also highly entertaining to see our students and teachers participate in the House Karaoke competition.

“After seeing our students do so well on the Cross Country course today,  I’m excited to see how we go in the Bundaberg Cross Country competitions,” he said.

Age Champions:

12 Years Boy: Rory Cameron
12 Years Girl: Eliza Baldwin

13 Years Boy: Isaac Linwood
13 Years Girl: Bethany Marsman

14 Years Boy: Elias D'Amico
14 Years Girl: Layla Fulton

15 Years Boy: Levi Marsman
15 Years Girl: Maddie Dombroski

16 Years Boy: Cory Robinson


Rylee Lavaring
Ethan Terry

Overall results:

1st:  Fonu - 453 + 100 from Karaoke = 553
2nd: Bola - 303 + 200 from Karaoke = 503
3rd:  Kirio - 400 + 50 from Karaoke = 450

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