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Starting a new school year is a little bit nerve-wracking for most students, even more so for our new Year 7 students. Thanks to the first week’s gradual phasing into normal lessons, the support of the Class Mentors and Year 11 Peer Mentors, the new Year 7 cohort took to middle school like ducks to water. If you were to ask a Year 7 student what the highlight of their first week was, it’s no doubt the moment they received their new laptops. The Year 8s started their year a little older, wiser and very happy to see friends again. Our Year 9s have an exciting year ahead of them where they can enjoy their elective subjects and look forward to new adventures in the The Rite Journey. Overall, a great start to Middle Years in 2019.

Mrs Angela Gees – Middle Years Coordinator

Year 7 Boys 2