Middle and Senior Awards Celebration

Thursday, 17 Nov 2022


We would like to congratulate all students on their efforts this year. It has been a year of challenge, perseverance and achievement for all of our students. 

Highest Academic Achievers:

Year 7:    Donal Xavier
Year 8:    Caleb Hill
Year 9:    Zoe Petersen
Year 10:  Kristian Apostol & Evangeline Flack
Year 11:  Jessica Hill
Year 12:  Elizabeth Turner (DUX)

Special Awards:

EH & FC Churchward Bursary:

Middle School:  Eli McCracken
Senior School:   Laura Schmeider

ADF Future Innovators Award:
Year 10:  Evangeline Flack
Year 12:  Elizabeth Turner

Community Spirit Award:
Middle School:  Erin Bowie
Senior School:  Cody Muller

Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award:
Year 10:  Keilan Donnell
Year 12:  Hanna-Rose Walshaw

ICT GISP Encouragement Award:
Noah Elson

BCC Cultural Award:
Elizabeth Edwards

Art Acquisition Award:
Dana Downey

GHD Engineers Top of Mathematics Award:
Elizabeth Turner

Vocational Education and Training Excellence Award:
Cody Muller

Ben White Bursary:
Mackenna Otto

Gladstone Ports Corp. Student of the Year Bursary:
Jaye Cankar

Ampol Best All Rounder Award:
Kristen Apostol & Clay Harvey

2022 College Company Award for Christian Character:
Kristen Apostol

Principal's Award:
Tamae Marschke

Mayor's Medals:
Amelia Muller & Cornelis van der Merwe

DUX of Bundaberg Christian College 2022:
Elizabeth Turner

Your hard work and dedication are commendable and we are looking forward to 2023.

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