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Top 4 in Schools Quiz Battle

A City wide quiz completion for year 6 students concluded last weekend with our White and Blue team doing themselves, their parents and their college proud making it to the final 4 of the six-week competition.

Despite not making it all the way, this team of three clever 12 year olds showed their prowess in trivia, but more than that displayed the RISE values instilled in them in the way they treated their opponents and did their very best despite stiff competition and a first round loss.

The Hitz939 Bundaberg Battle of the Schools is in its second year of gathering teams of year 6 students to compete in a quiz show style fun tournament with great prizes on offer for the individual students as well as the schools involved.

Lila Kelly, Laura Cathie and Cooper Madden were chosen by year 6 teacher Debi Bosch after achieving the highest marks in a written test given to all year 6 students.

Throughout the battle each of the students worked to their own strengths. “Cooper was the best person to answer any of the math questions, Laura was best with literacy and geography and my favourite questions were geography” Lila said.

The thrill of the competition was also something enjoyed by the students as they progressed through each round. “It was exciting” Cooper said “but it was fast too and sometimes we were a bit too quick on the buzzer”.

Meeting other students was also a bonus according to Laura. “The battle was a great opportunity to showcase the talent of the school but I also really enjoyed being able to meet new people and it was a privilege to represent BCC”.

Bundaberg Christian College came in 4th place out of 27 schools that originally entered and Mrs Bosch is keen to be back again in 2021!