← Kirio the Victor at Junior School Athletics Carnival

Kirio House take away trophies

At the end of term 2, our Primary School Students participated in Jumps Day and Athletics Carnival on campus at the college. Our Junior School Sports Coordinator Mr Rod Howard offers an overview of the inter-house competition...

Over the course of the last two weeks of Term 2, students from Years 3 – 6 competed in their Junior School Inter- House Cross Jumps Day and Athletics Carnival. Our oval was in tip top condition and played host to a variety of events including long jump, discus, shot put, high jump, relays, sprints, ball games and other running events such as 200m and 800m events.

Our younger students from Prep -Year 2 competed in our Athletics Day on the last day of the Term with some fun sport’s rotations and raced in both sprint and relay events. The Athletics Day was full of colour and enthusiasm. A little bit of rain wasn’t enough to stop proceedings and Kirio finished off a red-letter day by winning both the overall winner’s award and the House Spirit award.

A large crowd of spectators lined the running track cheering on their children towards the finishing line. One of the highlights from our Athletics was the annual March Past. The students from all age levels competed with great spirit and determination with Fonu named the winner of this event. Many records were broken throughout the course of the carnivals. The top 2 students (10years -12 years) from each event will now compete in the Bundaberg Primary Schools District Athletics competition at St Luke’s later this Term. (Stay tuned for the announcement of ALL age champions after they are presented with their medals at an Assembly)

Once again, the Sports’ House leaders showed great House Spirit and led their teams well on the day! Special thanks must go to our high school helpers, teachers, parent helpers, groundsmen and spectators.

Overall points

Kirio – 1050

Fonu – 908

Bola – 845

Photos by: Ben Cathie, Stuart Thornton, Matt Gees, Simone Cathie, Estelle Pretorius