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Junior Basketball Competition a success!

Hot mornings and fiery contests on the basketball courts this week with the finals of the Junior School Lunchtime Basketball Competition.

Year 5 & 6 girls faced off on Monday, in their grand final contest of 5 minute quarters with a crowd of peers building to support them.

Competition was tight with "The Clippers" and "The Knicks" trying hard to dominate the ball. Up until the end of the third quarter scores were extremely close until “The Knicks” managed to get an unattainable lead eventually winning 14-8.

On Wednesday; it was the Year 5 & 6 boys' turn in a much more physical contest.

With plenty of blocking and body on the line moves; many errors were forced on both sides as the boys tried to dominate the ball and their end of the court. Break away moments were plenty as both teams tried their hardest to get the ball through the hoop from all angles, but it was hard work to convert the throws to points.

The height of Zac Downey wasn’t enough to stop the speed of Wandi Zana as the Heat blazed towards the win.

Final score reflected the intensity of the game coming right down to the wire. "The Heat" were triumphant over "The Bulls" though 13-10.

This is the first time this competition has been run and was driven by the participation of the students.