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Head Of Middle Senior School 2020

Head of Middle & Senior School 2020

I am delighted to announce that as a result of the recent recruitment process, Mr Cameron Ivers will be appointed to the position of Head of Middle and Senior School. Mr Ivers will officially take up this position at the beginning of 2020.
Mr Ivers has been serving as Director of Teaching and Innovation in the Middle and Senior School and has been teaching at BCC for the past 8 years. His training in both the Education and Business sectors provide him with a broad and unique skill set. He has a demonstrated commitment to our College and has a reputation for pursuing a standard of excellence in all that he does. A handover process will be undertaken throughout Term 4, in order to ensure a seamless transition with this Head of School position, commencing in the new year.
We are excited about the vision that Mr Ivers has for the Middle and Senior School, along with his commitment to Christian education. The College believes that Mr Ivers’ experience, vision, faith and passion will ensure that the Middle and Senior School continues to grow and flourish. Mr Ivers is looking forward to his ongoing work with the students, staff and parents of Bundaberg Christian College.

I am sure you will join me in congratulating Mr Ivers on his appointment and provide him with your support as he undertakes this important leadership role within the College.  
Yours sincerely
Paul Sterling