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BDSSS Interschool Sport Rebooted

Next Wednesday 5th August is the first round game for Middle & Senior School BDSSS Interschool Sport and there are few things you will need to know:

  • All students playing in the BDSSS competition are allowed to wear their sports uniform on a Wednesday for 6 weeks (if not already a sport uniform day) NO uniform slip is required
  • ONLY girls will be allowed to leave ONLY 10 minutes early from class to change into netball dress or soccer shirts (this is due to COVID restrictions at the venues)
  • Buses will transport students to venues – Table Tennis, Shalom, Martens Oval, North High and the Superpark – Buses will leave at 3:10pm sharp
  • Staff will be asking students for training in lunch times but if students are in formal uniform they will change in and out of sports gear in the lunch hour, if not a Wednesday
  • Team lists - I will email out next week as they are changing daily, so you know who is playing and allowed to leave early
  • No parents or spectators will be allowed at any venue due to BDSSS Committee Letter COVID Restrictions.

Read the full details in the letter below.