← Interschool QLD State Equestrian Championships 2019

BCC Year 7 student, Kate, and her pony “Kennallywood Holly Golightly” gained 4th overall for BCC in the Intermediate Secondary School Show Horse Hack (event against riders up to Year 9). A scored and ranked event, with points awarded for in hand workout, presentation, manners, equine confirmation and paces of mount, as well as correctness of workout and rider ability to show the horse.

Kate also was awarded the following places in secondary school showman 3 phase, 3rd hack in hand, 4th rider workout and 5th in dressage, with a 7th overall placing for BCC in the 3 phase (event against riders up to Year 12).

Kate and Holly also competed in the official dressage with a great result for a personal best of 66%, subsequently 11th place for BCC (secondary school event against riders up to Year 12).  It was a massive class of 25 riders from across Queensland, all vying for the Secondary School State Dressage Champion Dressage combination.

Kate's own story:  My adventure started with packing the truck a few days early, so we could have everything ready and get to Maryborough quickly. This was my first time at Equestrian QLD Interschool State Championships.  The event is for all school students from preschool to Year 12; the youngest rider was 4 years old and the oldest rider was 19. After we settled in, I learned my riding patterns for the next day. In the morning, I cleaned my stable, cared for my horse and got her ready to start the first day. “You two did great!” said Mum after my dressage tests. I was proud of Holly (my horse). I think we did well too. The second day was a day off because the dressage was for people older than me and it was mainly show jumping team events. I hope one day other riders from BCC can come to the event so we can enter as a school team; we can do a BCC show jumping team! That will be FUN. On the third day, I did show horse; it’s a presentation class striving for a clean and well-mannered horse and rider. Mum plaited, saddled and got Holly ready. I had to hold Holly for the leading part of the class and hope she didn’t smudge black make up on my white uniform! Anyway, she didn’t! Because she is the best pony! During that day it rained and everyone got wet. Holly didn’t like the rain, but that’s ok! On the fourth day we did showman. It was raining and Holly did better, though she did spook at a “tiny” puddle. Maybe she thought it was the grand canyon?  I think apart from that, we did well. We packed up and started the two hour trip back home. I was so tired and so was my pony. I’m proud to represent BCC as part of the Equestrian Team.

Written by Kate, BCC Year 7