Hoof 'n' Hook Students Shine

Hoof 'n' Hook Wednesday, 29 Sep 2021

Hoof 'n' Hook Students Shine at Wide Bay Competition

As the end of Term 3 was drawing to a close last week, most students were enjoying the last few days before holidays with assessments complete and classwork all but finalised.

However, some 200 students from 15 different Secondary School “Hoof and Hook” programs from the Wide Bay Burnett region, were in Bundaberg working hard to ensure they showcased themselves and their respective schools in the best possible way, at the annual Wide Bay Interschool Hoof and Hook Competition.

Hosted by Bundaberg Christian College and assisted by Isis District State High School, this competition allowed students involved with handling and showing cattle to showcase their knowledge and skills. It was also an opportunity to showcase the quality of these Agricultural Pathway Schools following 12 months of preparation.

Chief Judge Graeme Wicks from Wondai has been in the beef industry for over 60 years and was impressed with the quality. “I’m looking for both the way the cattle are presented and the way the students present themselves. But I’m also looking at how well they are able to control the animals and how relaxed they are with the beast.”

With 3 full days of competition as well as some social time to let off steam and get to know the other competitors, the competition was hailed as a great success.

Organiser Bob Hibbard, Head of Faculty for Science and PE at Bundaberg Christian College, shared that he hoped “the students walk away from this week proud of the way they have competed, having enjoyed themselves and maybe seeing their future in this industry”.

Furthermore, he added, “I hope that this competition also helps them develop as a person, which is part of what we do in this program at our respective schools.”

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