Hairy Upper Lips for MOvember

College Thursday, 02 Dec 2021

A fun activity with a serious underlying message and of course - Facial Hair.

Throughout November, Six Bundaberg Christian College Staff took part in a global movement tackling Men’s Mental Health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The Movember movement is about raising funds and awareness in a fun, disruptive way and opening up conversations about Men taking action for their health.

Movember’s Country Director for Australia and New Zealand, Rachel Carr highlights the coming together of Movember during a Global Pandemic and the way it has impacted Mental and Physical health of men across the country. “Last year, the Movember Australia community really showed up for us, and it was incredible to see so many people recognising how important men’s physical and mental health continues to be. We’ve all seen the impact COVID-19 has had on the men in our lives – mentally and physically – and while Movember is a great opportunity to do some good while having fun, it’s important to remember why we Mo.” 

Head of Faculty for Technologies at Bundaberg Christian College, Mr Peter Sercombe, enjoyed the Movember experience particularly because of his passion about Men’s Health. “I am passionate about raising awareness about the struggle many men have with their mental health, trying to break the stigma that often surrounds it. I had a goal to raise $600, but only managed to raise $120. But alongside that was a goal to run a combined total of 60km, which I managed to achieve.”

Mr Sercombe was also pleasantly surprised by the positive reactions from his students this year. “Surprisingly, they were quite positive about my Mo this year. In years gone by I used to get comments like "Sir, it's disgusting" and "I don't feel safe". But this year it was all "I like your Mo Sir, it looks awesome". Mind you, these are the same students who think mullets look good.”

College Principal, Mr Paul Thompson, was another of the staff members taking part. He fully embraced the message being keen to raise awareness about Men’s Health and to use the Mo to start a conversation. “I didn’t have a specific goal in mind for Movember, merely wanting to see whatever came out of it.”

Mr Thompson laughs at some of the comments he received from the students. “Some were a little too honest, and many students laughed but it was certainly an opportunity to talk about why I was doing it.”

Each of the men who participated had their own reasons that motivated them and are definitely considering doing it again in 2022. To find out more about the way is which Movember has made an impact on Mens Health, check out Movember Australia.


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