GATEway Students Immersed During Camp

GATEway Thursday, 14 Oct 2021

Students were immersed in culture, art and technology in a fun and different learning environment.

GATEway Students Immersed During Camp

By Amanda Kelk, GATEway Coordinator

This year’s Gateway Academy team saw approximately 40 students from Years 5-9 travel to Brisbane and the Gold Coast for a 3 day Academic camp staying at Treasure Island Resort.

Day 1 was our ‘immersion day’ in which we immersed ourselves into cultural, arts and technologies to further extend our experience and understanding of the world. This included a hands-on STEM aviation simulation experience at QUT, The Physics Cube, Museum, Spark-Lab and Art galleries.

Day 2 brought our first ‘Amazing Race’ held at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. In teams, students navigated their way around the various ‘countries’ within the park, seeking to problem solve riddles, find the clues and complete the challenges first. Each challenge required students to draw on Gateway learning from the year across each of their year levels and apply their thinking to the environment in a creative, clever and united way.

Our final day was an exploration into cymatics, light, shape and movement at ‘Imaginarium’ where students pushed the boundaries of imagination within the AI enhanced sensory space.

The camp also allowed for students to build relationships, leadership skills and a better understanding of how they can use their gifts to give glory to God.

Thanks must go to Peter Sercombe, Adele Macpherson, and David Flack for accompanying me on this camp.

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