Gala Night Of Music Celebration

College Thursday, 14 Oct 2021

A celebration of the year that was in music and choir.

Gala Night of Music Celebration

As part of our ongoing 25th Anniversary Celebrations, the annual Instrumental Music Gala Concert was a fabulous success on Tuesday October 12th. This year marks 17 years of music instruction at the college.

Music students and their teachers performed for parents, friends and special guests and celebrated those whose dedication and persistence in musical studies earned them recognition with one of the annual awards.

The night started with a haunting piece from our Senior Choir Voiceworx. Lining either side of the hall, this vocal ensemble raised their voices unaccompanied in a Gregorian chant style piece of music. This was only the beginning of a diverse night of choral and music work. 

Year 12 student Andrew Udal conducted his own composition “Turtle Theme” which was originally featured as part of the 2019 Milbi Festival in Bundaberg. This was performed by the newest member of the music ensembles group in 2021, the BCC Chamber Orchestra, which features the most experienced string players and a number of music staff.

The younger beginners were a special part of the celebration with this performance the culmination of the hard work of learning a brand new instrument as part of their class music. Year 3 learn Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass with Year 5 learning either brass, woodwind or percussion. Their dedication and their teachers’ patience and expertise was certainly evident as these young beginners showed what they could do. Some of these young beginners have also shown the aptitude needed to join a more experienced ensemble like our Junior Strings or Concert band.

Junior Strings players were challenged with performing two pieces – Orpheus of the Underworld and an excerpt from Pirates of the Caribbean; and Junior Choir performed a piece by Andrew Lloyd Webber “Sing” (from Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee) & a fun song about Joshua and the battle of Jericho. You could see the enjoyment on their faces – especially the year 6s in the back row with perhaps their final performance with the Junior Choir.

The BCC Symphonic Band is the ensemble that has the most experienced Brass, Woodwind and Percussion players. Expectations are always high for this group and they didn’t disappoint. From their opening Fanfare “Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Johann Strauss to the complex Sci Fi world of Doctor Who featuring the unique synthetic sound that Whovians all around the world recognise; this group of musicians created an amazing sound that had fingers and toes tapping.

Piano and Guitar students weren’t forgotten with 5 pianists on 2 pianos entertaining the audience and a small guitar ensemble showcasing their talent with a Switchfoot Song.

Although welcoming new members from year 5 beginners, the Concert Band were ready to entertain. Not to be outdone by their senior counterparts, this group marched in from the audience whistling the familiar military march tune of Colonel Bogey and then launched into “The River Kwai March” as they made their way onto the stage. This was followed up by their rendition of Elton John’s first number hit song “Crocodile Rock”. 

Next year’s Senior String Ensemble will look rather different with numerous Year 12 students leaving this group in only a few weeks time. That didn’t stop them from going out on a high with excerpts from the musical “Beauty and The Beast” and the classic Elvis love song “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.

A South African carol and “One Day More” from Les Miserables were the vehicles chosen to showcase the vocal capacity of Voiceworx as they this time took to the stage (accompanied by Miss Katherine Turner). Honoring their year 12 members with solos in the Les Mis excerpt, the choir gave Broadway a run for its money.

The honor of closing out the performance showcases of the evening was given to the smallest major ensemble – but perhaps the loudest! The BCC Stage Band set the tone as they launched into the classic movie them from “The Pink Panther” encouraging the audience to "click along" before they put their own spin on the 70s pop hit “Lean on Me”. With a bold horn section and enthusiastic percussionists and a little bit of dancing from the boys on trumpet, it was the perfect musical high to end the concert on.

Special mention must go to the "Comic Relief" duo of Daniel Haaksma and Kristoffer Apostol who had the audience laughing at their duet antics on the Marimba during some of the longer stage transitions. The humour and musical ability displayed entertained the crowd, as much as the friendly competitiveness they exerted.

Instrumental Music teachers Kathy Falla, Liz Morris, Rebekah Tonkin, Xandria Davern, Adrian Brookes, Theresa Haire and Coordinator Nikki Udal have all done an incredible job and continue to bless this college with their love of music and teaching.

The Gala Concert also recognises music students who have gone above and beyond this year with awards being given for dedication, commitment and excellence and a special presentation to each of the year 12 students at their final concert congratulating them on their many years of contribution to the BCC instrumental program.

Bundaberg Christian College -  MUSIC AWARDS TROPHIES - 2021 


Donated by ‘Bout Time Music

Deborah Edwards


Donated by Alan and Karen Webb in memory of Anna Webb

Kristian Apostol


Donated by Simply for Strings

Gracee Grolimund


Mackynleigh Barham


McKenzie Tailford


Leanne Sarin


Samuel Gees - Year 3 Program

Jessica Michael - Year 3 Program

Samantha Laing - Year 3 Program

Hyemin Chun - Year 3 Program

 Laila Filo - Year 5 Program

Benji Scheffer - Year 5 Program

Caleb Box - Year 5 Program


Junior School Choir – Zachary Gees

Voiceworx – Sarah Cathie

Junior Strings – Abbagail Cahill

Senior Strings – Elizabeth Edwards

Concert Band – Ayden Betts

Symphonic Band – Matthew Udal

Stage Band – Andrew Udal

Piano – James Hayes

Guitar – Broden Spanner


Junior School – Nesu Zana

Middle School – Kelaney Dobesch

Senior School – Daniel Haaksma

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