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Our Junior and Middle School students had the opportunity this week to explore the world of Forensic Science.

A hands on science incursion brought the tools and science behind investigating into the college, where the students had the opportunity to not only get up close with the methods used by forensic investigators, but actually take on the role themselves to crack a case!

Junior School students were challenged to put together the clues in the case of a missing boy. They had to work out what the clues meant using scientific reasoning and forensic investigations. They compared fibres under microscopes, tested fingerprints, and delved into the world of Scatology (whose poo is whose!).

Middle School students had to investigate the case of a dead body. They looked at the tools used by a Scenes of Crime Investigator, analysed the different evidence and also discovered how entimology plays a role in determining the validity of the clues.

Teachers and Students alike were fascinated with the equipment, the hands on nature of each investigation and the ability to not only bring science to life, but challenge the students to think more about social issues like digital safety, drug awareness and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Thanks to Education Interactive for visiting and for educating our students in forensic investigation.