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Front Car Park Entry and Exit Reconfiguration Works

The College is excited to announce that roadworks will commence on the College entrance, to build a new entry and exit onto Kirchner Drive. Works which were scheduled to commence on Monday 29 June 2020 in preparation for the beginning of Term 3, have now been completed.

The purpose of the upgrade is to help facilitate traffic flow and alleviate stagnant traffic on Ashfield Road. The new entry will reduce congestion around the current entrance and provide parents and carers, the option to move around the pick-up zone and secure a car park. This will also assist to reduce the line up on Kirchner Drive and minimise the number of vehicles stationary on Ashfield Road.

How can you assist with traffic flow?

  1. Before arriving at the College, arrange to meet your child/ren, at 1 (one) pick-up point (Junior School or Main Administration).
  2. As you enter the pick-up zone, move completely forward to provide maximum space for other vehicles, and ensure that you leave the zone if your child hasn't arrived within 30 seconds. Take a park until they arrive.
  3. If the pick-up zone is full, please drive into the car park and park.
  4. Another alternative would be to stagger your arrival time as Staff are on duty until 3:15pm each school day.

Under this new arrangement, Parents and Carers will no longer be able to cross traffic to gain access to the Junior School car park via the internal service road.