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Learning comes in many ways, and everyone learns at different rates. The best way to gauge your child’s progress though, is to look at their growth over the year. The Gratten Institute has indicated that the best schools are those that enable their students to make the greatest progress from any starting point.

An area we are improving on is ensuring that our students have opportunities to grow over the year.

Optimal growth is the goal for each and every student; growth that is connected to learning excellence. While every child may start at a different point, the important thing is how much have they grown over the year.

In the classrooms, we focus on having a Growth Mindset. Our students are taught to approach their learning with a “can do” attitude. Instead of saying “I can’t do this”, we teach them to say “This may take time and effort”. Instead of saying “I’ve finished my work”, we teach them to say “Is this the best I can do? Can I improve it?”. A Growth Mindset allows us to learn at a higher level as we don’t give up on the first try, but keep going until we achieve our goal.

Specifically for our Year 4-6 students, the Maths Pathway program caters for optimal learning growth within Mathematics. It allows students to progress on their own individual plan, including into year levels above their own.

As a means to encourage your children, I would recommend parents and carers to focus on what their child has achieved and how much they have grown from where they started, as this individualises what excellence looks like for your child.

Trudy McLeod - Acting Head of Junior School