← Flag Flies Proudly Once Again

As you enter the college now you may notice a new addition to our frontage fluttering proudly in the breeze.

This week at a special ceremony with year 12, year 8 and invited guests; our national flag was raised for the first time over the college since 2019.

Former college captain Noah Hayes via video message from The Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra shared some of his memories of earlier years of BCC where Junior School students raised and lowered the flag each day. “It meant coming in early and staying back after our last class, but it also demonstrated respect which is one of BCC’s “RISE” values” he said. “Our prefect body of 2019 had pushed for a new flagpole and now we get to see this project come to fruition”. 

For the prefects of 2019 having the Australian Flag fly proudly over our college meant a demonstration of National Identity but also respect for Australia’s heritage, history and freedom. Something the current leadership of the college were in accordance with.

Head of Middle and Senior School Cameron Ivers shared with those gathered some of his learnings about the Flag. “I thought I knew everything about the Australian flag, but even I learnt something new when researching for today” he said. “For example the original flag design was a compilation of 5 designs from an open competition whose winners were all under 40 which to me showed a major buy in from the youth of the nation at that time.”

Director of Student Wellbeing James Marsman explained that year 8 students would be given the responsibility of ensuring the flag was raised and lowered each day taking on a leadership role that the current year 12s were entrusting to them.

The flag was donated by Federal Member for Hinkler Mr Keith Pitt and State Member for Burnett Mr Stephen Bennett was in attendance for this special ceremony. The National Anthem was played by resident bugler Brandon Ivers and the ceremony concluded with a passionate rendition of the BCC War Cry.