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Our Year 10 students returned from camp last week at "Higher Ground Australia", Kenilworth south of Gympie.

The main aims of the Year 10 program are to build on the students’ ability to face physical challenges and to improve their personal responsibility, individual resilience and team identity. Activities have been designed to challenge students in these areas to prepare them for positive involvement in other group experiences in the school context and beyond. Activities include, but will not be limited to, hiking, map reading, camping out, and water activities.

"I was thrilled to see our students face the physical challenges of the program with such resilience and enthusiasm. From my observations the students were positively involved in all aspects of the program and identified strongly within their teams. In the midst of some blisters and sore legs, the smiles we witnessed on our student's faces and the confirmation that they had enjoyed themselves affirms what a positive experience this has been for all who attended.

I would like to acknowledge and say thank you to the staff who attended to support our Year 10 students: Mrs Bronkhorst, Ms Murdoch, Mr Hodges, Mr Chibbard and Mr Marsman."

Mrs Erin Ramsay
Senior Years Coordinator