← Compass Leadership Conference

It has been such a privilege to escort eight members of the Prefect Body to the annual Compass Leadership Conference held in Canberra. Students attended multiple lectures focused on developing leadership skills based on the principles of our Christian faith. They were inspired and challenged by the Compass Crew to return to school fired up, ready to motivate and lead our student body.

The opportunities at the conference also included a visit to the War Memorial. It was with respect and awe that our students viewed memorabilia of our war veterans and displays to honour their memory. I witnessed a great sorrow and thankfulness on the faces of our students as they realised the price that was paid for their freedom.

Parliament House gave our students the inspiration to appreciate the power that government has to make change. Maybe we have a future Prime minister in our midst!

Overall, not a minute was wasted during the conference, our students have been inspired to grow as leaders and equipped to have a great impact on those around them.

Mrs Erin Ramsay