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Building Update

Our 25th year is a year to celebrate and a year to build!

I am proud to announce that the College is embarking on four extensive building projects that will future proof various aspects of school life and deliver learning spaces that will provide students with new opportunities in their learning journey.

Junior School Works

In the second half of this year, building works will commence near the current Year 6 classrooms. This building will involve:

  • 6 new general classrooms
  • 1 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Mathematics) room
  • 1 Performing Arts room
  • Undercover area
  • Bathroom and Change room Amenities
  • Refurbishment of Junior School Reception, including Staff Room, Learning Enrichment Room, Offices and Resource Room

This building work will safeguard future learning spaces in our Junior School, bringing all Prep to Year 6 classes into the one location, with exceptional learning spaces that will enable our delivery of teaching and learning for students.

Enjoy a virtual tour here!

Senior School Student Piazza

As you drive through the service road at the College, no doubt you have noticed the land where the old demountable was and wondered, "What is the College going to do with that space?".

Starting in June, building works for a new Senior School Student Piazza will commence. This specifically designed piazza, based on the book, "I Grow in Grandad's Garden", will provide students a place to meet, to collect their thoughts and to connect with one another. See the image below.

Ss Piazza

I Grow In Grandad's Garden

I Grow in Grandad's Garden is a captivating, illustrated story book, that's more than a story!

It's a personal development book for early learners.
It takes your chlidren, grandchildren or students on a personal growth journey that's fun.
It helps you discover what makes children happy, sad, afraid and excited.
It contains interactive questions designed to help you get closer to your children and grandchildren.
It enables you to pass on good values naturally to your children and grandchildren - the values of gratititude, forgiveness, courage and generosity which set children up for a life of success and significance.
It provides you with an idea that is transferable to your home or classroom with or without a garden.

Chrysalis ELC Extension

Due to the growth and demand for spaces at Chrysalis, works to extend the building will begin later in the year. The new build will include a second room for children aged 18 months to 3 years, new amenities, a new staff room, extra storage, new office space and a new reception area. This extension will provide more spaces for families to access the exceptional service provided at Chrysalis.

Junior School Carpark and Bus Turn-Around Area

One of our biggest frustrations as a College is the limited space for parents to be able to park and easily access the Junior School. Commencing in the second half of the year, there will be a new bus pick up/drop off area established along College Place, with a turn-around section around the current work sheds. This will free up space for carparks to replace the current bus bay area. Added to this, there will be an extension of the carpark behind Chrysalis ELC for further parking.

As you can see, the sheer volume of building works for this year is very exciting. These works are part of the Building Master Plan to ensure the physical resources adequately support the quality Christian education occurring here at Bundaberg Christian College. As we venture on this journey together, I am excited by all this infrastructure will offer us moving forward into the next 25 years and beyond.