← BCC students take RI off campus!

BCC students have the wonderful opportunity of being involved in ministry to the community in various ways and one way is though the teaching of Religious Instruction in a state school. Now into our second year of this ministry, a group of Year 9 and 10 students go to Bargara State School and teach Religious Instruction to Years 3 - 5. It’s a truly blessed experience for those teaching and those listening.

Following are some comments from BCC students participating in the program.

Karen Macpherson - Middle & Senior School Learning Support Coordinator/Middle Years Teacher

“RI is an amazing opportunity to go visit another school and teach the students about God’s amazing word. It is encouraging that the children are always eager to learn and happily join in with the activities. I am so glad to have had this experience”.

“I have enjoyed being part of the RI extracurricular team this year. It feels fulfilling to share the word of God with an entire class of children”.

“RI has been such a great experience, I enjoy giving the kids a chance to learn about and develop a relationship with God. Added to this is the enjoyment of their friendship”.

“Visiting the kids at RI is a great opportunity for community outreach, teaching the younger kids about Bible truth. It's such a great chance to gain teaching experience as well. Personally, it's given me a lot more respect for teaching and pedagogy after having to prepare a lesson ourselves!".

“The kids really enjoy RI, and it's not just learning experience for them but for me as well. It's definitely helping me get into the Bible and understand what I'm teaching".