← Ancient History Students Become Archaeologists

Year 11 & 12 Ancient History Students were able to get their hands dirty as they got a feel for the practice of Archaeology on a recent field trip.

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology in Caboolture houses an impressive collection of artefacts from many ancient civilisations that have been studied in class. It also has a mock Egyptian burial site set up which means that the learning becomes hands on and practical not just something read in a textbook.

History Teacher Lynne Howkins was proud of the 14 students who went on the field trip and not just because of their exemplary behaviour. "Spurred on by Indianna Jones music, our team uncovered more of the excavation than any other school" she said. "It was so encouraging as a teacher to see how the Abbey staff and volunteers viewed our group and how excited they were to see how much our class achieved". 

As well as participating in the New Kingdom Egyptian dig, the students also toured the museum, viewing exhibits and artefacts from a broad range of ancient and medieval historical contexts.

"Special thanks to Mr van der Merwe for being part of our team and being our bus driver and photographer" Mrs Howkins adds. "Also thanks to the students for their engagement and positive interactions."