Amazing Race Year 4 Challenge

Junior School Thursday, 15 Sep 2022

Team building at its best!

Our Year 4 students enjoyed an action-packed adventure where eight teams had to navigate their way around the Junior School grounds undertaking team-based challenges based on what they have learnt during this semester in Geography - more specifically on the continents of South America and Africa.

The Amazing Race included 10 checkpoints with activities, challenges and questions that had to be completed to earn clues to move throughout the race. Students had to use a map of the College with grid coordinates to move from place to place and find their way to each checkpoint. Throughout the event, students had to earn bonus tickets by by demonstrating RISE values. The benefits of the Amazing Race challenge include teamwork, communication, respect for each other, diversify problem-solving skills, improve innovating thinking and building friendships.


First place:                Blue team
Second place:           Green team
RISE values winner: Red team (with 14 RISE values tickets)

No doubt we all had an AMAZING day learning along the way about teamwork and friendly competition. 


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