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Over 200 of Queensland’s brightest young minds converged on Hillcrest College on the Gold Coast last week (27-28 May), participating in a regional round for the World Scholars Cup.

Bundaberg Christian College students excelled in all sections of competition, with placings of silver or gold in most sections.

The students participated in team and individual events which included debating, writing tasks, and creative expression across subjects that included History, Social Studies, Science and Technology, Art and Music and Literature and Media.

Student successes included:

Junior Champion Scholars – Silver: Evie Flack and Gold: Nyria Spanner, Leanne Sarin

Senior Champion Scholars – Silver medal: Tamae Marschke

History Subject award – Gold Medal: Kristen Apostol

Science And Technology Subject Award – Junior Gold: Leanne Sarin

Writing Challenge Individual Champion - Junior Silver: Leanne Sarin, Junior Gold: Nyria Spanner

Senior Silver: Justine Harper, Kristen Apostol, Sophia Zorzan  Senior Gold: Elizabeth Edwards, Tamae Marschke, Tayla Larsen

Individual Debate – Junior Silver: Nyria Spanner, Junior Gold: Leanne Sarin, Senior Silver - Kristian Apostol, Kristen Apostol, Senior Gold: Tamae Marschke

Team Debate - Junior Silver: Evie Flack, Leanne Sarin & Nyria Spanner, Senior Silver: Justine Harper, Tamae Marschke, Tayla Larsen 

Scholar's Bowl Team - Junior Gold: Nyria Spanner, Leanne Sarin, Evie Flack  Senior Silver: Broden Spanner, Clay Harvey, Tom Daly

First Place Junior Champion Team and Gold Qualifiers:  Nyria Spanner, Evie Flack & Leanne Sarin

Silver Qualifiers: Broden Spanner, Tom Daly, & Clay Harvey

Da Vinci Award - (Best All Rounder across all subject areas) 

Senior Gold: Noah Elson, Lachlan Thompson, Elizabeth Turner

Individual Challenge awards across subjects: 

* Scoring Silver in at least one subject: Sophia Zorzan
* Scoring Gold in at least one subject: Kristian Apostol and Mason Neumann
* Scoring silver and gold in two subjects: Kristen Apostol
* Scoring two gold: Finn Cohen
* Scoring three gold: Clay Harvey, Richard Sherry and Erin Simpson
* Scoring 4 gold and 1 silver: Evie Flack

This event aims to motivate students of all backgrounds to discover new strengths and practice new skills but also to inspire a global community of future scholars and leaders.

The World Scholars Cup is held across 70 countries with over 50 000 scholars involved. The next round is a Global Round and then if successful BCC students will compete at a Champion of Champions Tournament (most likely via Zoom) at Yale University in the USA.

Outside of the busy days of competition (8am - 6:30pm), the students also had the opportunity to indulge in some free time which including exploring the Gold Coast Shopping hubs! Thanks to Mrs Kelk and Mr Van Der Merwe for their chaperoning of the team.

Bundaberg Christian College are proud of the way the students applied themselves and of their results, but are especially proud of the way they represented the college and were ambassadors for their region.