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A Challenging Journey

On Friday the 9 October, the Year 9 students and their teachers set off for an adventure, walking from Elliot Heads to Innes Park. This forms part of the bigger challenges we set for students to take them out of their comfort zones. The result is ‘usually’ building resilience, learning to rely on others and building good social relationships with their peers.

The walk was wonderful, with many beautiful spots along our lovely coastline. The students enjoyed being in the fresh air and beautiful nature. The reward of pizza for lunch seemed to provide them with new energy for the next set of activities which included the major raft-building challenge. With the equipment provided, each TRJ team had to design and create a raft that would take them across the Innes Park inlet when the tide came in. It was a time of fierce concentration, competition and team work, which ended in an awesome time of laughter and fun when these ‘rafts’ fell apart in the water. 

Students and teachers alike had a wonderful time and have been encouraged and energised to tackle Term 4 with renewed focus and personal goals.

A great thank you to our dedicated group leaders, Mrs Macpherson, Mrs Bronkhorst, Mr Charles Hibbard and Mr Marsman, filling in for Mr Sam Hodges who was on long-service leave at the time.

Ms Karin Vorster - TRJ Coordinator