The Rite Journey Call and Departure Ceremony.

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Trj Call Departure

The Call and Departure Ceremony

At the significant local landmark, BCC Principal, Mr Paul Sterling will officially call on all Year 9 students to embark on their journey to adulthood.

Year 9 students will show gratitude for their childhood and consider the departure from childish ways.

Parents, carers and mentors will join the students for this significant ceremony.

First day of Term 3
17 July 2019
The Hummock

The students will officially begin their journey on the first day of Term 3. At 3:00pm they will meet in the undercover area for afternoon tea prior to group activities and a hike to the Hummock. Parents will join their child at The Hummock.

Sports Uniforms are to be worn.

Departs BCC at 5:00pm to the Hummock.