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Myh20 2020

MYH2O 'SPLASH OUT' Afternoon

The Year 12 Prefect Body endeavors to consistently encourage BCC students to engage and serve each other in practical and effective ways in order to enhance their school experience. The Prefect Body is  coordinating a Middle Years Water Fun afternoon to help develop the culture of house spirit in the Middle School.
We acknowledge that developing school culture only comes through deliberate action and activities. It is through these events that unity, friendships and College/House pride is forged.

When: Friday 16 October 1:10pm – 3:00pm
Who: Middle Years (7 – 9)
Where: BCC Oval

What to wear/bring:

Students are encouraged to wear their house shirt on the day and old shorts that can get wet and dirty their own towel and sports uniform to change into afterwards for traveling home in The water used will be drawn from our own supply, which has been responsibly allocated for the event.