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Mss Athletics Carnival

Middle and Senior School Athletics Carnival 

RESCHEDULED: This annual event will be held on Wednesday 24 July. The Carnival will be held at the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct grounds from 9:00am – 2:30pm. As always, parents are invited to join us at the carnival to cheer their children on!

Students are encouraged to wear a t-shirt of their house colour and suitable pants for competing instead of the BCC Sports uniform. Singlets, Skins, short shorts etc. may be worn only when competing. Girls are not permitted to wear thin ‘spaghetti-strap’ tops or ‘crop tops’ that bare the midriff.  Additionally, a sun-smart wide-brimmed hat, other than the uniform hat, may be worn whilst at the carnival.  Body piercings are not acceptable. It is important that no offensive pictures or writing appear on any clothing.  Students who fail to comply with these expectations will be asked to change or to contact home for parents to pick them up or assist them to comply.
Students will need to bring a water bottle.  They can either bring their lunch or money to purchase food from the canteen.  The College will provide sunscreen for students to use.

MORNING TRANSPORT – to the Bundaberg Recreational Precinct: 
•    Students who ordinarily travel to The College by Bus are to catch their normal bus in the morning to school.  They will then travel to the venue by bus.
•    Students who ordinarily travel to school in private vehicles may either arrive at BCC by 8:30am to travel by bus to the venue, or travel directly to the Recreational Precinct, arriving no later than 8:45am. 

In the afternoon, parents may 
(i)    pick their children up from the Recreational Precinct at 2:20pm; 
(ii)    pick them up from BCC at 3:00pm; or 
(iii)    have their children catch their normal bus home from the College
Students picked up from the Recreational Precinct must sign-out at the ‘Clubhouse’ before departure.
The canteen will be available for students to buy hot food and drinks during the carnival. Students are encouraged to either bring their own lunch or some money to purchase their food. Students will NOT be allowed to leave the venue to collect or buy food.  

We are always appreciative of any willing volunteers who would like to help in the canteen.  If you are available, please contact Zoe Hudson on froomies2003@yahoo.co.uk