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Swimming Carnival

Middle & Senior School Interhouse Swimming Carnival
Tuesday 19 February 2019
8:40am - 2:30pm

The BCC Middle & Senior School Swimming Carnival is held annually at the Norville Olympic Pool. This year the event will be held on Tuesday 19 February 8:40am – 2:30pm. The events held on the day cater for all swimming abilities with a carefully planned program that allows students to participate in both Novelty events and Championship events. It is a College organised event that represents a normal school day. Class rolls will therefore be marked and students will be expected to attend for the full day. In the rare instance that a child is unable to attend or participate they are required to have a note from home, signed by a parent/guardian detailing medical or other exceptional circumstances.

Students are encourage to be involved in events to the best of their ability. Ultimately the day is about getting involved and having fun. House points are earned for participation. In some cases, it is just a matter of getting wet that will earn points for your House. All students are welcome to participate in Championship and Novelty events, however novelty events will not lead to district, regional or state representation. 

For those students who already swim competitively, or desire to do so, Championship races provide the opportunity to record official swim times. Students must participate in Championship races if they desire to compete beyond the school.

The day’s program is very full and students are encouraged to keep an eye on the schedule so they know what time the different events are on. The Carnival Coordinator will announce upcoming events, giving time for students to assemble in the marshalling area. The House Teacher and House Prefects will be available in the House area for the duration of the day in order to assist students with where to go and when. Each House will have a tent or two set up for solid shade.

Parents are most welcome to attend the event. A program for the day will be available at the entry to the pool. Children from schools other than BCC will not be permitted to enter the pool venue as the Carnival is a strictly BCC event.

Tuesday 19 February 8:40am – 2:30pm

Norville Olympic Pool - Enterprise St. All students are required to meet at BCC on the tennis court where rolls will be marked and students assigned to specific buses.

•    All secondary students (with the exception of House Prefects) will travel by bus from BCC to the pool at 8.40am. Buses will return students to BCC at 2:45pm in order to meet normal 3:00pm buses.
•    Parents wishing to collect their child from the pool at 2:30pm, will be required to find their child at the pool and accompany them to the front gate where they can be signed out no later than 2.20pm. No child will be permitted to leave the pool without being signed out by a parent.
•    House Prefects are requested to arrive at the pool at 8.00am to assist with setting up for the day’s activities.
Students are encouraged to wear their swimming shorts and a T-shirt or polo shirt (i.e. not singlets) in their house colour (Bola – Yellow; Fonu – Green; Kirio – Red). Hats/Caps and Sun smart clothing must be worn when not in the pool.

•    Compulsory one-piece swimsuit
•    Optional ‘rash’ shirt or sun shirt
•    Optional board shorts
•    NO white swimwear
*If wearing ‘Rash’ shirt and/or board shorts, they are to be worn over one-piece swimsuit.

•    Board shorts, speedos or football shorts
•    Optional ‘Rash’ shirt or sun shirt
•    NO white swimwear 

Footwear – Enclosed footwear to school and to the pool

Towel, sunscreen, water bottle, lunch or lunch money. No body boards or surfboards!!

Students can bring their own lunch. There will be soft drink ($2) and a sausage sizzle ($2) on the day. Food items can be bought at the pool tuckshop.