Junior School Musical - The Prodigal Clown

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The Prodigal Clown

“You know what they say — life’s a circus!” The parable that Jesus told about the loving father and two sons comes to life for your kids as never before in the non-seasonal musical from Little Big Stuff, The Prodigal Clown.

Step right up and meet the Parabalini Family Circus … the father Antonio, the older son AJ, and his little brother Giorgio. Despite the nonstop fun and hilarity of clowns, knife-throwers, lion-tamers, and human cannonballs, there’s a serious and heart-warming story to be told about the father whose love for his children is unconditional.

Ultra-cool music that even older kids love, and a rock-solid Biblical message.

  • a seating plan is in place where you can select available seats when purchasing your tickets
  • tickets will not be on sale at the event
  • students taking part in the musical don't need to purchase a ticket for the musical

Ticket pricing:

  • Family ticket (2 Adults and 3 children): $30
  • Adult ticket (18+ years of age): $8
  • Child/Student ticket (Prep – Year 12): $5
  • Children 4 Years and younger: Free

Support the Year 6 Called to Care Initiative

Our wonderful Year 6 students have been learning about developing countries and particularly those countries where extreme poverty has lead to many social issues such as high illiteracy, inferior medical facilities, and poor sanitation. Now with the global pandemic, their needs are greater than ever. They have decided to raise funds to help support children living in poverty all around the world through Compassion. Compassion is an internationally recognized organization with over 60 years of experience, working in more than 30 impoverished countries will more than 2 million children.

JS Musical Snack Packs

The grade 6 students will be selling “Snack Packs” at the Junior School Musical, “The Prodigal Clown” to raise funds for Compassion. The snack packs will contain a drink, chips, popcorn, a chupa chup and some fruity gem lollies. All these products are gluten, dairy and nut free. The packs can be preoordered for $4,00 before the 2 August or bought for cash on the night for $5,00.

Packs can be collected or purchased from 6:00pm on the night.