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Wide Bay School Sport “ISO” Cross Country 

COVID-19 has changed the way we do many things including how we learn and how we participate in sport and physical activity.  It is very important that children and young people continue to engage in physical activity while learning at home. Physical activity not only has physical benefits, but also benefits for mental health and wellbeing. Including the activities found on the Wellbeing page, (BARRY B FIT and Mr Howard) into your child’s daily routine will support a balanced approach to learning at home.

During Week 4 & 5 this term, students who are learning from home will have the opportunity to download any running app for their phone or smart watch and submit their times. 


  • Students can submit multiple times and the best times will be used to determine our Wide Bay School Sport Top 10 for Girls and Boys in each age group. 
  • Any staff member at a school in the Wide Bay School Sport Area is also welcome to submit their best times for 3km or 5km in the staff category.
  • The distances for students will run reflect those used in current School Sport Cross Country relevant for their age group.


  • 2km: 10 Yrs Boys and Girls and Multi Class Athletes
  • 3km: 11, 12 and 13 Yrs Boys and Girls 
  • 3km: 13-19 Yrs Boys and Girls Multi Class Athletes
  • 4km: 14 and 15 Yrs Boys and Girls 
  • 4km: 16 and 17 Yrs Girls 
  • 6km: 16 and 17 Yrs Boys 
  • 6km: 18 and 19 Yrs Girls 
  • 8km: 18 and 19 Yrs Boys 
  • 3km or 5km: Wide Bay Schools Staff Ladies and Men
  • Nominations forms will be available at the link below or from your School Sport Contact.
  • Nominations will close by 3.00pm on Friday 22 May.
  • Nominations also need to be confirmed with a screen shot attached of the timing app used showing distance, run time (moving time), elapsed time (time between starting the app and uploading time) and pace per km.


  • Students can choose their own event course e.g. around their neighbourhood ensuring it is free from obstacles and other slip or trip hazards.   
  • Students can complete the distance as many times as they wish during the week but only their best ONE result (time/distance) needs to be emailed.
  • Students need to wear appropriate clothing, running shoes and sun protection for exercising.
  • Students need to have access to a personal water bottle and any medication (Ventolin®, Epipen®) necessary to exercise safely and should not share these for hygiene reasons.  Students should follow their Health Plans if they have one.
  • Students (and families) need to complete a suitable warm up before starting their course as well as a suitable warm down at the conclusion of the distance.
  • Students need to choose a cooler time of the day and need to stop the event if weather conditions are not appropriate e.g. temperature, storms, lightening etc.
  • Please ensure you have an emergency response strategy in place e.g. first aid and person to call if you are injured or unwell.

Possible Application: STRAVA (Free download)

How to email results:

To submit your result for the Challenge you will need to take a screen shot or photo of your time and distance and email to: wbssport@qed.qld.gov.au.

Your email should include the following details: 

  • Student's full name 
  • Student's School:  
  • Student's date of birth to confirm age group e.g. 12/07/05
  • A screen shot or photo of your time, elapsed time, pace per km and distance traveled.


  • For each category of Boys/Girls and Staff ALL nominations will receive a certificate.
  • The Junior School and Middle & Senior School with the highest number of nominations will be presented with “Highest Nomination” Certificate
  • The Junior School and Middle & Senior School with the fastest aggregate times will also be presented with the fastest school certificate calculated by adding all nominated times received from that school together and then dividing by the total number of nominations.

Please note that this activity is purely to promote physical activity through school sport. There are no selections based on the times submitted.  

Please note: Wide Bay School Sport “ISO” Cross Country is optional. It is not compulsory and student participation is at the discretion of parents/carers and their consent. Parent/carers should be aware that all physical activities involve inherent safety risks that can lead to injuries if not performed safely. If your child is injured as a result of an incident, all costs associated with the injury are the responsibility of the parent/carer.

For more information, please contact your Sports Coordinator.