Experience a modern rural cultural city, with access to the great barrier reef!

Bundaberg Christian College is located approximately 450kms north of Brisbane City. We are situated in the rural part of Bundaberg, a town, the perfect place to discover the home for loggerhead and green sea turtles and migrating of humpback whales that return every year to continue the circle of life.

At BCC we seek to offer Excellence in Education within the context of a genuine Biblical framework. The College aims to encourage students to reach their highest academic potential, to fully develop their God-given gifts, to know Jesus Christ as Lord in every aspect of life and to love others as themselves.

BCC is a registered CRICOS provider and welcomes International students in our Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

Year Course Course Code
Prep to Year 6
Primary Years (Junior School) Program 1
Year 7 to Year 10
Junior Secondary (Middle School) Program 2
Year 11 to Year 12
Senior Secondary (Senior School) Program 3

If you are enquiring about enrolment, please email our Enrolments Officer, Danielle Cole at enrolments@bcc.net.au, or call +61 (07) 4132 5800 and ask to speak to the Enrolments Officer.

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