Your BCC Stories

Harper (Prep)
Harper is SO excited for school everyday! When the school year started my husband and I did not know how he would deal with PREP. Harper can't wait to get into class each morning and see Mr Sinclair. The classroom is set up amazingly with the new furniture and there's so much to do: from home corner to the reading corner.  When doing homework with Harper it blows my mind how much these little preps learn each day.  We are so very thankful to have a fantastic teacher in Mr Sinclair, you can see how much he enjoys his students and it really shows in the love for learning our prep has already! 

~ Alysha K (BCC Parent)
Mr David Corrin (Teacher)
"What I love about teaching is the children. Building strong relationships is crucial. Seeing them actively engaged in their learning and having those light bulb moments is also so rewarding. Who says you can't learn AND have fun using art, music, Nerf Guns, computers, remote control cars and other hands-on materials?"
~ Mr Corrin (Year 4 A Teacher)

Samantha (Year 4)
Every day this year she's come home and declared she's had the 'Best day ever!' Every day we've asked 'Wasn't yesterday the best day ever?' to which she replied 'Yes, but today was even better!' When anyone asks her who her teacher is, she says 'Mr Corrin, he's an artist'. We were starting to wonder if there was any school work happening, because we couldn't understand how she could be loving school so much. Once we went to the parent information session we were confident that there was. We had kept asking 'If it's that fun, are you sure you're doing school work?' Then one day she asked us to help her with her times-tables, which has never happened before and she's been talking about number lines. So we know it's definitely learning through art and fun, which is how school should be. For a child like Samantha, who needs movement and creativity, Year 4 with Mr Corrin has been the best thing that's happened to her. 

~ Araluen M (BCC Parent)

Mr Michael Sinclair (Prep Teacher)
"Why do I love Prep? I love the energy and enthusiasm, the honesty, laughter, cheekiness and the mess. Most of all I love being there to see the hard work and effort pay off; that brief moment their eyes widen as they look up with a beaming smile of accomplishment. Today is Friday, a typical day for Prep A. We attended assembly, had morning meditation/devotion and stretching, learnt a new digraph with a clumsy puppet named Mr Big Head, worked through an hour of literacy rotations - (reading, segmenting, blending and writing), counted to 50 as a class for the first time, listened to show and tell, finger painted a lazy Susan for the P&F fundraiser, built a cubby from furniture boxes big enough to fit the whole class, read a Bible story, watered the bean seedlings that were planted the day before... AND fit in five minutes of rest time. As much as I really need an afternoon nap (or possibly a double shot of coffee), I can't wait to do it all again next week." 

~ Mr Sinclair (Prep Teacher)