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The term ‘Inspire’ means to ‘excite’, ‘encourage’, or ‘breathe life into’. Inspire comes from the Latin word that means: to ‘inflame’ or to ‘blow into’. It is through the 'Inspire Initiative' that students are ‘inspired’ to inspire others. It is the College’s desire to acknowledge and celebrate student achievement, growing a culture in pursuit of excellence. The Inspire Initiative credits students, from all walks of life, physical abilities and spiritual conditions, for their achievement within a variety of categories and at various levels. 

In addition to celebrating student achievement, it is our desire to recognise and honour the achievements, and contributions to College life, of any member of the BCC community.


All members of the BCC community, or indeed anyone who has an association with the College, are invited to nominate an individual or group to be recognised for their achievements. This may be from within or beyond the College, or for any person’s contribution to the College. Students are also invited to nominate themselves. On receipt of a nomination, the Inspire Initiative Panel will consider the most appropriate form of recognition.


When providing a description for the nomination, please consider why the individual or group should be recognised and any important details. For example, if it is for a sporting achievement; details such as the event, the venue, the level of competition, the date and the level of achievement would, all be important.

We look forward to receiving your nominations, and celebrating the extraordinary achievements and contributions of our community

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