Transformative & Hope filled Learning

Where are we now

As schools grow numerically, many unintentionally shift their focus towards results-based identifiers for success at the cost of their Christ-focused culture.The College desires students to transform their minds and renew their spirits, ensuring both Christ-centredness and academic success is met.

Organisational Aspirations

To create a learning environment that is dynamic and innovative, enabling students’ opportunities to develop their God-given gifts and to achieve to their full potential, recognising that success for individual students differs. This is ‘Education with Wisdom’ Proverbs 2:10.

How are we getting there in 2021?

  • Continued whole school development and implementation of a Teaching & Learning Instructional Framework based on ‘The New Art & Science of Teaching’
  • Targeted staff development and professional development
  • Continued development and implementation of Project Based Learning in Junior School
  • Develop student-centered experiences in Middle School that values diversity, promotes life-long learning and equips students to be confident contributors
  • Development and implementation of at-risk students/early intervention/Academic Intervention for QCE students
  • Develop a College Educational Data Plan that collects, analyses and communicates evidence collected across the College

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