Innovative & Sustainable Future

Where are we now

The College has started to develop a P-12 Teaching and Learning Framework. The College Board and parents are keen to develop resources and have started plans to address the needs as numerical growth continues.

Organisational Aspirations

To develop sustainable learning opportunities and organisational structures that enable students a place where they are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

How are we getting there in 2021?

  • Building of 6 general classrooms, 2 flexible learning classrooms and amenities in the Junior school
  • Refurbishment of P4-7 classrooms in preparation for a Middle School use in 2022
  • Construction of a new bus bay and carpark
  • ELC extension
  • Construction of a Senior Students Piazza
  • Develop a College communications strategy
  • Changes to Student reporting that better informs parents of student achievement
  • Implementation of career pathways in the Senior School

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