Christian Purpose & Relationship

Where we are now

Many parents send their children to Bundaberg Christian College because of its Christian ethos that underpins the daily life of the College. The College desires to increase authentic opportunities for students, their families and the broader community to deepen and develop a greater understanding of the Christian faith.

Organisational Aspirations - by 2023

To intentionally develop and implement a Christ-centred education, enabling students to develop a Christ-like character that positively impacts their spheres of influence.

How we are getting there in 2021

  • Development of an integrated framework for mission and service
  • Development of a P-12 positive wellbeing framework, including eSafety
  • Continued development of Student Leadership opportunities and program
  • Continued development of a Biblically informed teaching and learning framework in Junior School based on ‘Transformation by Design’ framework

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